Cyber Monday Have Great Deals Too!


The last two years, studies have shown that the best deals do not stop at Black Friday. In fact, even more better deals are found throughout the weekend – Saturday and Sunday. Thing is, the biggest deals we are seeing for Black Friday nowadays are mainly on the electronic categories. These are smartphones, HDTVs, computers and video games. No doubt, you can get a great deal on Black Friday.

But if you don’t like camping out at 12 midnight and battling the crowd, here’s a reminder: there is such a thing called Cyber Monday. Don’t get us wrong, while you can great deals on electronics as mentioned above on Black Friday, these good deals are still on for the taking on Cyber Monday – BUT fewer inventory. The best things to buy on Cyber Monday are clothing and shoes, accessories, anything fashion stuff, and home decors.

If you’re shopping for Black Friday, please stay safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!