Apple Plays Chess, And They Play It Very Well


For those of you who have been working and missed all the announcements today, I’m sure you have all been caught up on all the the good reads online already. As you know, Apple emphasized on their OS update and unveiling the new iPad Air.

Let’s get to the bottom of it: Apple’s fifth-generation iPad, or iPad Air is 20% thinner than the last iPad. Guess what, it’s MUCH lighter too! Only two-thirds as heavy. These iPads will be released as early as November 1st and we can’t wait for it. As far as what we have heard from the critics, the new iPad Air is thinner, smarter and faster. Three important points that people should really get excited about. In addition to that, Apple’s Mavericks is FREE. Clearly, Apple is emphasizing its software as a way to maintain a competitive edge. Just let this sink in for a minute: people who are still using PC has to pay $199 only to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro that is as buggy as it still gets. Hello, Internet Explorer? Or $99 a year for office upgrades. Here’s a sad from from all of this: Microsoft is one of the very companies that is still asking for money for upgrades. Apple is offering these for FREE! Just like what Tim Cook said, “The days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most from your computer are gone,” – and oh boy, he is damn right about this.

“Now you can create a document on an iPad, edit it on a Mac, and even share it with a friend who’s stuck on a PC,” says Tim Cook.

Did I tell you again that Apple’s iWork (its productivity software) getting significant upgrades is FREE for owners of Macs and iOS devices? Well, now you know!

With this latest announcement from Apple, is this the new era of FreeOS? Great business strategy!

One thing is for sure as we heard Tim Cook spoke yesterday  – he clearly slammed Microsoft . They didn’t play nice, as Microsoft didn’t play nice by using Siri on ads to attack Apple. Apple is playing chess, and they play it very well.

As for Microsoft, next time you attack Apple, make sure you are racking the money on sales, because from what we heard, your sales are down.