Carrie-alike Viral Video Freaks Out Customers

In light of the new upcoming version of Carrie, an American epistolary horror novel and author Stephen King’s first published novel released on April 5, 1974, Thinkmodo, a viral video marketing company, created a Carrie-alike video prank inside a New York City coffee shop. Thinkmodo did a great job as usual. You can just see the shock and how scared the customers in the coffee shop were. The looks on their face were priceless. It took a lot of time of careful planning. The acting was great too.

The prank was a one-time event. So people in NYC won’t be witnessing any telekinetic powers in a coffee shop anytime soon. Unless in movie theaters to see watch Carrie, which hits theaters on October 18.

What did you think of the prank video? We thought Thinkmodo did a great job.