You Can Be Interactive On Print Too


Being creative knows no boundaries. Whether it’s the web or on tv, it all boils down to coming up with that brilliant idea. But what about a brilliant idea if it lacks execution? Sure, anybody can come up with the most brilliant idea on Earth, but if it does not get executed well, there won’t be any interaction from your customers. You will not even stand out, and your potential customers will forget you in a blink of an eye.

Opportunities for engagement or interaction on the web or online is almost limitless. As far as print goes, it may not be that easy. On print media, you cannot actually make people click on a button and a pop-up window appears. Well, maybe you could… The point is, it’ll take just a lot of work.

Take a look at a self-promotional ad from McMillan. It is a fold-in promo intended to create an old-school interactive experience for viewers with a message that cuts thru the clutter. Pretty neat, eh? This is nothing new, we’ve seen these before so many times in the past. And it still works. Yes, you can be interactive on print too.