Icons Alone Lack Marketing Execution


It is definitely a good thing to let people know you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. I’d say it is a MUST – and if you are not yet caught up in the social media world, you should be. But lately, I have been frustrated to see that A LOT of companies out there are doing something wrong on their printed materials. Take a look at the photo above – when you ask ordinary people what they think about seeing Facebook or Twitter icons on a box/or packaging, they might say “oh, pretty cool! They’re on Facebook!” And so what? What’s next? Are you going to be able to click or push the icons on the box to take you automatically to their Facebook Page? The answer is NO. Having “Like Us On Facebook!” with the Facebook icon WITHOUT specifying your Facebook URL is a lack of marketing execution. It would be nice if I can just click on those printed icons and it will magically bring up a Facebook page. But it does not work that way.

Now, they could say “Well, they can always search us on Facebook.” Sure, but a lot of your potential customers out there may not go through all that trouble. Why not make it easy for them to find you? It is just like handing out a GPS without any map in it. In short, it is stupid. NEVER assume you will be easily found on Facebook or Twitter. Having the icons alone works on the web, but NOT ON PRINTED MATERIALS. You have to specify the links. And if it’s too much space, then that’s your designer’s problem. His or her job is to accommodate all marketing messages. A good designer would have included the links, and a good creative director shouldn’t have allowed printing those packaging without the URLs.

Take a look at the photo below. Now, this makes me happy. Wasa was spot-on for including the link along with the Facebook icon. They even included a nice marketing message talking about finding recipes and coupons. The easier for your customers to find you, the more you’ll attract potential sales.


Like what my team and I have always said: in the advertising world, if you have to explain it, you’re doing it wrong.