The Wearable Movie by Coca-Cola

If there’s one company that has been doing brilliant, clever and fun advertising as of late, that would be Coca-Cola. We had the pleasure to work for them on smaller projects before. They are the kind who open their minds to exploring something extra-ordinary. Out of the box, something worth doing – not just for the sake of being different. They aim to stand out, touch emotions, be fun, creative and clever, but they make sure to use some of the very unusual ways to call attention to the campaign – something that would make other companies say “Why didn’t we think of that before?”

Here’s a BRILLIANT advertising campaign of Coca-Cola on spreading smiles and happiness across the world. The company clearly knows what message attached to the brand that they want to convey. The Wearable Movie, Put On A Smile – a campaign by printing the entire commercial on T-shirts. Every person ACROSS the world then took a photo of themselves wearing the t-shirt. These photos were then translated and presented into different frames  in the movie.

Now, surely this did put on a smile on your face, didn’t it?