DirecTV Hits it all with “F.O.Y.P.” Viral Video Campaign

DirecTV Hits it all with “F.O.Y.P.” Viral Video Campaign

As many who follow the advertising world know, the NFL is major money. And the business around football and branding has never been as so competitive.

DirecTV kicked off their 2013 Sunday Ticket Package with a viral video worthy of SNL’s “Lonely Island Alumni” viral video team. And they used the NFL de facto royal family, QB Superstar Brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, as well as their father, former NFL QB great Archie, in their Rap Video “Footballin’” spot.

This video has aspects of the numerous Lonely Island videos done primarily for SNL, as well as elements of the Step Brothers characters Will Ferrel and John C. Riley set up a few years ago. What gives it a great feeling is that the Manning Brothers are able to pitch you in high comedy DirecTV Sunday Package’s simple message, “your phone ain’t for callin’, your phone is for footballin’,” in such an irreverent and playful way, everything they want to say is communicated loud and clear without being abrasive.

It is clear both Manning Brothers are in their element in this spot. And you have to hand it to DirecTV by taking their brand to a whole new level of outright satire to help bring their brand message home.

DirecTV shows a great deal of confidence with their brand. I hope they have a few more planned for this year with the Manning Brothers that allow them to be this playful.