Brands We Love: Jawbone, Part I – Movin’ UP


Just about everyone on the Envisage team has fallen for San Francisco based hardware manufacture of lifestyle accessories Jawbone.

It all started when our CEO, a woman who likes to know her details in raw data, did some research into the new product development sector of wristbands. Both Fit Bit and Nike Fuel Band were discussed before she made her purchase of Jawbone’s UP bracelet.

Jawbone did a great initial product launch with their wireless ear buds, which are now considered the best on the cell phone market. And they deepened their brand impression with the Jambox which is a superior wireless speaker – that too has risen to the top of the product option list in that category.

Yet the real breakthrough product of the Jawbone brand in our opinion is it’s UP. Take a quick look at their recent promo update below:

This product, as with other Jawbone products, are massively under-branded. This is of course (I am sure) a deliberate strategic choice on the part of the company.

We are interested to see which direction their branding goes. They have an amazing potential considering the high quality, and even more valuable, seamless interfacing of their products into their customers’ lifestyle. Along with the Livescribe pen series, it is hard to think of something developed that become so much a part of one’s daily experience as the UP. It is the way the information you derive from the UP that make it so fun and stimulating. From sleep patterns, to workout breakdowns, raw nutritional data to mood graphs. It is a product that you expand your sense of, you manipulate it more, as time goes on. This is important because it also means your conception of the product itself, is continuing to evolve.

I, for one noticed that once I put mine on, I could not imagine living without it. How is that for product endorsement? Another thing I love about the UP is the look and feel of the band. They come in different colors, and they do not look geeky or weird at all. It is comfy to wear. Investigate it and let us know what you think.

User-engagement with this product has got to be through the roof. It will be interesting to see how Jawbone uses that raw data and their customer testimonials once they decide to really get their brand message out there.