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Let Us Help You Greet Your Future Guests

As a digital agency specializing in marketing and branding of tourism and travel destinations, we see ourselves as a bridge for resorts and hotels in the US and Asia. We have solutions for big challenges. From selling prime real estate to branding a luxury resort, and anything in between – our job is to help work with you in driving up brand awareness so that your qualified customers can be funneled to you through the ideal sales process.

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L’Oreal Puts Digital Media in Play

Cosmetic Giant L’Oreal has put its digital media account in play, which is currently at Moxie.

The reason given for this very public enticement to other agencies is that L’Oreal is looking to see if they can get greater ROI on their rising digital spending.

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When A Tag Line Continues To Be Iconic

‘Just do it.” No other brand has created a greater rise in visibility and brand awareness than Nike has since it started using this phrase in 1988.

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Brand Spin- Oreo Takes You Back to Childhood

The sheer delight and zany fun of this Oreo tv spot brings back the spirit of the Oreo cookie with full enthusiasm. Not only is the spot memorable, but it is very entertaining as well as somewhat nostalgic, for it’s tone and execution of the “imaginary” Oreo agreement, is something that most people can relate to from childhood.

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StudioVox on Blogging

Recently launched platform for Creative Professionals, StudioVox does a good job of updating the value system principals of why brands of all kinds should be blogging.

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