iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C, and our Short Wrap Up Review


We have seen how the public went nuts over the new iPhone 5S/5C, lining up, even asking and paying homeless people to hold a spot in line for them – all these despite Nokia’s bashing of Apple on Twitter. Well, Nokia will realize now that Apple continues to rack market sales with the new iPhone 5S/5C. And what about them?

We are not surprised that the gold model of the iPhone 5S sold like pancakes, and has proven to be the most popular among the rest of 5S. So, who said that gold will not sell? There were in fact a few, shall we name names? Let’s not. Let’s just continue with our review…

While the iPhone 5S looks identical to the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S is potentially the best smartphone ever made. Don’t let the thought of ‘it looks just like the iPhone 5' fool you at all. There’s much more to it that are not immediately obvious.

The iPhone 5S comes in white, silver and gold-champagne color. The gold-champagne color looks so classy without the “in-your-face” bling. The gray also looks neat and reported to be the second favorite from gold-champagne.

It replaces the annoying pass codes with its fingerprint sensor built into the home button. This technology works flawlessly. Each one can be programmed up to 4 people. While this is mainly used for security reasons, unlocking your phone, making purchases on iTunes, expect Apple to use this for other stuff in the near future. Don’t be surprised if one day it is used to make payments on mobile. One thing is for sure, however or whatever the fingerprint sensor is used for, it definitely saves us all time.

Another important leap for Apple is the first 64-bit chip in a mobile phone. Everything is just snappier and much more cooler. From menus, scrolling, to games causing jaw-dropping reaction.

Here’s another leap forward: the A7 processor, a chip called M7, which allows you to capture your every movement and moment through a variety of sensors without draining the life of your battery. Imagine a tracker like FitBit or Nike Fuelband embedded into your phone. This makes us think if this can be put into works with Apple’s much-rumored iWatch…

What about the camera? While Nokia boasts on their 41 megapixel camera-phone, Apple didn’t need to go from 8 to 41. It is still 8 megapixel BUT they have increased the size of the sensor and the pixels. By doing this, there’s this boost in quality of photos taken, they are sharper and shows more clarity and depth. They have also included photo/camera features such as Pano (Panoramic mode) and Square mode for Instagram.

Flash is also a huge improvement. It uses smart software to create a colored flash designed to make images look more realistic than ever. Few tricks to consider here: burst mode, which captures a quick succession of photos; slo-mo mode for video – which by the way, looks FREAKING AWESOME. It captures video at 120fps and allows you to control the speed of the capture.

Overall, the iPhone 5S is the best iPhone ever made. It is a solid effort from Apple without Steve Jobs. We’ll give Apple credit for trying to appeal to both the geek and the average Joe, the serious, the fun, the old and the young.

What about 5C? Sure, it is a reflective plastic, but it does not look cheap at all. In fact, it looks stylish. It is one fun, stylish and easy-to-use, functional phone by Apple that is more affordable. Though 5C isn’t as advanced as the 5S, it is considered to be the biggest selling iPhone to date! 5C comes in 5 colors: green, blue, yellow, pink and white. Screaming “plastic” and “cheap” to 5C is a bit far from what it really looks like. We suggest you visit your Apple store and pick one up. It does not feel cheap in any way at all. 5C is coated with lacquer, resilient coping with drops without leaving marks! The figures in sales will tell you how consumer feels about the 5C, and we have no doubt the figures will prove that consumers are liking the 5C.

5C has a 4-inch Retina display, which is sharp and clear and Apple’s older, A6 chip (which is found in the iPhone 5) alongside an 8 megapixel camera and an updated front-facing camera for FaceTime.

Below are specs for 5S and 5C.

iPhone 5S specs:

4-inch Retina display.

Three colors: gold, silver and slate.

A7 chip is twice as fast as the iPhone 5.

Built-in fingerprint scanner with Touch ID  unlocks the phone and can be used for purchases.

Dual-flash LED camera with 28-megapixel panoramic photos.

The iPhone 5S has 10 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby.

iPhone 5C specs:

4-inch Retina display.

Five colors: green, blue, yellow, pink, white.

A6 processor – same as the iPhone 5.

The battery is slightly larger than it was on the iPhone 5.

It has the same 8-megapixel rear camera and a new FaceTime HD camera as the iPhone 5.

Supports ‘more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world.’

Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0