Mobile Trends: Color Expansion, Color Explosion


Mobile has broken out of it’s monochromatic age, with companies like Samsung and Apple now aggressively using color both in their casing, and in their interfaces to help expand their identity in the competitive mobile market.

It is a welcome trend because it shows that the design standards in mobile are in and of themselves becoming far more competitive and more fun. Jonathan Ive at Apple set a new standard for what mobile experiences should be like. In fact, they have constantly become the expectations of the market. So it’s even more interesting that the new iPhone 5s and 5c each feature different color options. Even the new iOS 7 features a rapid increase in color and scope.

Samsung’s interfacing really has been a ground breaker for the company. While Windows and then Nokia tried to feature similar looks, Samsung has gotten the technology and the visual stimulation exactly right in their rise in the mobile market share. Recently, Samsung announces Galaxy S4 lineups in gold brown and gold pink.

It will be interesting to see if Android and HTC among others, can step up their design and color usage to keep up with the new attractive models being released by Apple and Samsung.

What makes for good use of color in mobile? Where do you see it going? How do you see it expanding?

All relevant thoughts as this trend leads us into a whole new mobile design era