Sony’s Impressive Detail: Petals Explosion

Sony just recently released this amazing video ad campaign. I am sure a lot of you will or loves it. At least here at Envisage team we do! Here’s an important information about this ad – none of it was created artificially with computer, no graphic manipulation whatsoever. All those 8 million brightly colored petals exploded from a volcano in Costa Rica? They’re all REAL. It’s so impressive. The 8 million petals represent the 8 million pixels in the new Sony 4K Television.

Everything was shot in 4K with Sony’s revolutionary F55 and F65 cameras, as used on movies Oblivion and After Earth.

Director Jaron Albertin said, “I was really excited to be shooting this ad in 4K in such an amazing location… when I saw the final footage, I was stunned – it just produces really amazing, detailed images… you can see the tiniest detail.”

Great job, Sony! Brilliant. Creative. Stunning.