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Sony’s Impressive Detail: Petals Explosion

Sony just recently released this amazing video ad campaign. I am sure a lot of you will or loves it. At least here at Envisage team we do! Here’s an important information about this ad – none of it was created artificially with computer, no graphic manipulation whatsoever.

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Another Clever Print Ad From Durex

We’ll make this blog post pretty short, we promise! After all, there’s not much to say here. No introduction needed. It’s as simple: Lights off, Action!

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Want to re-brand as subversive? Irreverent… Bring me Iron Man!

You can tell from the video clip that Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC, has given a lot of thought to re-branding. It is not just their big money commitment to movie star Robert Downey Jr. to help them bring greater brand awareness in a very crowded market here in the United States. But really look at the clip. Even in its short form, it is clear HTC is tipping its hand at a long and lengthy re-branding campaign based around the two values,  subversive and irreverent. They even start by mocking their own name!

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