Repacking Wild as Elegant

Some interesting reflections here on the new Jose Cuervo ad currently playing that features actor Kiefer Sutherland.

One thing is for sure in this heavily influenced by David Fincher spot that McCann has produced for the liquor company – the want to transform your idea of sipping tequila.

The message here is, “tequila isn’t just wild, it’s elegant.”

Jose Cuervo is a brand that has positive name recognition. But clearly not only was this about branding and messaging, but also adding to brand mystique. They aren’t trying to alter how you see having a shot of tequila. They just want to add a touch of elegance to this wild menace, as their pitch man Kiefer Sutherland so perfectly represents. Even the cultural touchstones in the spot have an “underworld renaissance man” flavor to them.

Have a shot of Cuervo, you will seem dangerous, mysterious, and elegant, seems to be the point.

It is an interesting spin for the liquor brand. Clearly trying to elevate the brand while making it playful and engaging.

It is always interesting watching a well known brand like this, try to add to their image without you forgetting how you see them in the first place.