Brand Spin- Oreo Takes You Back to Childhood

The sheer delight and zany fun of this Oreo tv spot brings back the spirit of the Oreo cookie with full enthusiasm. Not only is the spot memorable, but it is very entertaining as well as somewhat nostalgic, for it’s tone and execution of the “imaginary” Oreo agreement, is something that most people can relate to from childhood. Who doesn’t have a sibling that did not eat the cream and dump the cookie; or one for that matter that made eating the whole cookie the most important part of the ritual.

Key to this is that the essence of the Oreo brand experience. And they were able to evoke it without even showing the product! Ingenious! That way the entire brand message really does linger itself with you, for you are left in wanting from it’s absence.

What this clever ad shows us is that sometimes you can get the brand experience out there in the most unexpected and delightful ways by looking at what is at the essence of the brand to begin with.