“Canadian Rules” in Molson Passport Spot… Blah

Molson Golden, the well known Canadian Beer tries to frame a specialized “Beer Fridge” to make its beer iconic worldwide in this new spot.

If you take a look at Molson’s ads, they have a good sense of humor and irreverence that make you take notice. This particular spot though lacks some execution. The driving idea it seems is to reframe Molson throughout the world as being a passport to Canadian people by making it so you need a Canadian passport to open the magical fridge and start your party.

It does make you think about the brand. And that is good. But something is muddled in the high concept. There needed to be more of a payoff than just the magic passport. And this probably comes with not establishing the value of the beer itself to begin with. What gives you such a delight in having it? How is it a special beer that you want?

It is an interesting ad but conceptually and in the execution of the pay off, maybe needed an alteration of the brand messaging to be truly effective.

The ad is obviously staged too – such a big disappointment.