Cheerios makes a connection in less than 30 seconds

Look at the value association and sense of connection Cheerios draws in 30 seconds. Something as common as breakfast cereal, Cheerios would need a real hook in order to get you to look at them in a whole new way. Their new spot currently playing does this in a powerful, simple, and direct way.

The young kid draws the story for us. And he draws the simple and powerful connection for us- that Cheerios helps us connect to family. This is such a great choice for Cheerios because in a simple breakfast scene it encompasses for us, in a tender way, how Cheerios helps us connect to, in borrowing the idea of “The Lion King”, the circle of life. It gives this simple staple an uncommon, very special value.

They also did a smart thing which is, they closed the spot with Cheerios spelling out the word LOVE.

This is the kind of thing branding could be, but rarely gets too. This is not just a brilliant and simple ad. It is branding done in the most simple and emotional style.