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Transformation Inside and Out

In light of Veterans Day, the Envisage Agency team would like to say THANK YOU to those who have served for this country and for our freedom. Freedom was never free, our strong men and women paid for it. And with that, we are forever grateful.

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L’Oreal Puts Digital Media in Play

Cosmetic Giant L’Oreal has put its digital media account in play, which is currently at Moxie.

The reason given for this very public enticement to other agencies is that L’Oreal is looking to see if they can get greater ROI on their rising digital spending.

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Another Clever Print Ad From Durex

We’ll make this blog post pretty short, we promise! After all, there’s not much to say here. No introduction needed. It’s as simple: Lights off, Action!

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Why Us? Why Now?

Envisage Agency is a group of talented, young professionals from the Creative Industry.

A number of factors lead us to form Envisage Agency this month. It’s so exciting to get started together officially. We’ve all worked together for a while now on various projects with different companies all throughout the years. It became clear to each of us that it’s time for us to join forces.

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